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Scientific Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil

Adiral Cold pressed oils are rich in vitamins, nutrients, proteins, antioxidants, phospholipids, and other great nutrients.

Cold Pressed Oils can strengthen your immunity, anti inflammatory, helps in weight control and specially improves heart health whereas refined oils are a major cause of diseases such as high cholesterol and heart diseases. And Cold Pressed Oils are Cholesterol Free and so beneficial for daily use. It is an absolute delight and ideal choice to cook using cold pressed oils.

Refined oil is heated at around 200 degree Celsius where as cold pressed oil is heated at just 35-40 Degree Celsius retaining all the nutritional value along with flavor and aroma. The dense funnel created at the base of the bottle clarifies how pure the oil really is.

With the amazing natural aroma and flavors of cold pressed oil it is vibrant and pleasing to cook with other spices.

Cold Pressed Oil production is absolutely organic and no chemicals or heavy company equipment’s are used. It is very ethnic and traditional method. In fact it is a myth that cold press is a new trend where as in the early ages all the oils were extracted using cold pressed method only. As the growing of global warming and multiple chemical products it is our responsibility to ditch the chemical based products and switch to naturals. Switching to Adiral itself is switching to health and as our tagline says ” The First Choice“.

The Process

  1. Sowing/Growing – Seeds of groundnut, coconut, sesame are grown on the farms to maintain the best quality for production of Adiral Cold Pressed Oils.

2. Sorting & Grading – Once the seeds are grown they are brought to the factory for sorting and grading. The best graded chunks / seeds are collected and sent further for crushing.

3. Crushing – After the best seeds are selected it goes into crushing, which is a very slow process and oil is extracted at a decent pace. Once the oil is extracted it is kept on room temperature to settle down for 48 hours before storing it.

4. Natural Filtration – After the oil settles down we filter it to remove the last raw material residue or any other small edible content left behind as oil is in rawest of its form in cold press method.

5. Packaging – After final check it is filled in a bottle and final packaging is done before delivering it to customer.

6. Delivery – Happy to serve, Available on amazon/flipkart and our host site Once the order is placed we are happy to deliver and adiral premium cold pressed oil is right at your door step.

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